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the big bang theory has been severely hit by budget cuts


the big bang theory has been severely hit by budget cuts

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Anonymous whispered:
I'm on the fence when it comes to CC on the one hand I see everything you see the heart eyes, invading each other's spaces, and overall weirdness that surrounds them. However, on the other hand it just seems so unlikely that this pr circus is some type of cover up. Darren is like a C list actor. I imagine a cover up of this magnitude for a Dicaprio. I love D but let's be real he's not going to blow up as an actor. Glee will be his biggest accomplishment. There is no need for a coverup.



I completely disagree actually. Look I personally think that the whole covering up issue comes from FOX - they didn’t want Darren to come out and I don’t know if you seen the comments made about the treatment of gay American idol contestants and tbh if they can keep AI contestants in the closer while they’re on the show they can keep Darren in too.

If Darren is a C list celebrity, with no real future, then why is the PRESIDENT of Clear Channel, (850 pop music radio stations strong), the sponsor of IHEARTRadio in Vegas, all over him? Why is he RIGHT BEHIND USHER in all these videos and GIFS, in the VIP section, filming AND BACKING RIGHT UP TO Mr. Clear Channel himself? Why is the guy who made Usher a star by continuously playing his music on all his stations, in constant rotation, KISSING DARREN ON
HIS CURLS? And why does it look like Darren kisses another, shorter guy (like AB or Rocker Rick or some dude I can’t ID) in other gifs from that same series on Usher? Why is Darren courted by all the fashion moguls, most of them gay or powerful cougar women like Anna Wintour, the gay mafia of Broadway and Hollyweird? Why do Zadan and Meron, two old Broadway gays decades older than Darren, call him their dear sweet boy and are already talking about getting him back onto Broadway with Chord Overstreet? And no, Darren may not blow up as an actor. He doesn’t need to. He will blow up like a Timberlake, an Usher, become a celebrity. Timberlake can’t act, either, but he has tried. Both guys closeted. Darren is already being tied to Usher. I predict a duet on his album, and joint appearances. Maybe Darren would open for Usher. And the folks at Fox still have Glee syndication, and ads to sell for that on Oxygen. Darren has a contract for that album with Sony/Columbia, the Glee music producers. Look, I’m not judging Darren, he’s got it, he can flaunt it, be Pippin while he’s young and gorgeous, work it for the big bucks. He is still tremendously talented as a musician and singer-songwriter, even a composer. He is a passible actor, and he has incredible charisma and sex appeal for both sexes. ALL his assets are HIS, to use as HE sees fit, no judgement on that, he’s a consenting adult. The only crusades I have are routinely closeting someone in order to make them appear as though they have a girlfriend, and concerns about their “free will” in living such a life.

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I could just watch this all day long.


I could just watch this all day long.

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Since I can’t seem to find the post that I wrote about my meeting with Mia…I’ll rewrite it.

Here’s the deal. I don’t remember why or how she was in Philadelphia, and I don’t really care, tbh. I do know she was still living in New York at the time. I was in Philly with a friend, and one of the…

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anonymous said:

Hi Michelle! Can you PLEASE look at the Klaine Peter Pan scene and CrissColfer the crap out of it! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

Hi there! This made me smile - and you asked for one of my favorite scenes between Chris and Darren - so heck yeah! (and man how can two boys explain so much in a scene less than a minute long - see what can happen when a writer writes out of passion and not ego - hmmm?!) (hint- Ryan- hint)

The biggest thing about this scene that strikes me and makes it one of the most honest klaine and CC moments is the setting itself.

it was written in the dressing room - backstage - on opening night. (this is a known area of safety and need for both Chris and Darren - with histories in performing and all that means to them)

despite all the swirls around them, the chaos that tends to consume their environment and can be overwhelming and distracting if they let it - they find their peace -they find their sanctum - and it always includes each other. It is their space - for just them - and they protect it.

But take note - the door is wide open - they do not close others out or stop someone from looking in - they are not hiding.

 - they are both calm, collected and at peace with the situation. There movements are not manic or rushed (despite that they are putting finishing touches on a costume) for a show that is clearly minutes away from starting.

They display simple banter and teasing without malice - there isn’t a need to outshine our out do one another - they are equals in every way - they understand what is important and what is not.

They will always put each other first - and this alone has made CC as strong as they are.

mleigh69:  This is just the sweetest thing - you know that “warm fuzzy feeling” that you hear described. When I see this GIF that is what I feel - I  just start grinning! Blaine is watching Kurt Kurt is watching Blaine through the mirror  there is no eye contact Yet the connection is undeniable. They both had an individual moment that  was all about the other Yet neither felt the need, by making direct eye contact, to affirm that they both felt it They were talking soulmate to soulmate And that was enough That was all that was necessary.

This was always my “single second” - that I could watch over and over - it is the moment you FELT  the undeniable connection between them.

Daren was focused down on the costume - Chris looks up in the mirror to see Darren and so thankful for his presence smiles - Darren feels it and looks up at Chris.

What makes it an intimate moment is they are NOT looking directly at one another - they don’t have to - Eye contact is not needed when you are speaking with your heart and soul.

it was kept simple, sweet and sincere.

it represents ALL that they mean to one another - large shows of affection are not needed all the time when it is felt as deeply as they two feel it.

I am NOT convinced that this was in the script - I have always thought that Chris might have improvised it - Darren’s face at 44 - 45seconds.

They make each other laugh constantly and thrive on catching each other off guard

Darren takes in what he said - reacts -  turn his torso away but looks again - it is his honest reaction to the words - and his taken by surprise is genuine

Thanks for the prompt hon

I have several others I am still working on - I promise - things have been a little crazy around here - but I am catching up!

Blessings all!

Stay strong!

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60 Days Klaine Hiatus Challenge

Day 47: Favourite Line Blaine Said To Kurt

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"Problem" by the Unholy Trinity and Artie. Edited from many audios to make up basically the whole song (performance version) with just a few little parts missing. Enjoy!

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The poor models at Louis Vuitton.


yo, fuck marc jacobs, he treats models like complete shit all of the time and never gets called out on it

Oh my god this is real

if this doesnt get people pissed i dont know what will

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This cat forgot how to cat


This cat forgot how to cat

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Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka’s Wedding Photos

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